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Wild Manahir

Wild Manahir

Embark on a journey into the heart of the tumultuous world of Legends of Elysium with the formidable “Wild Manahir,” a common unit card that brings the raw power and unyielding spirit of the Orc race to your deck. Born from the rugged terrains of the Aemerath Mountains, Wild Manahir embodies the resilience, strength, and formidable nature of his people, whose very essence is steeped in the chaotic beginnings of Elysium itself.

At a cost of 6, Wild Manahir is a strategic addition to your forces, capable of altering the tide of battle with his 5 Attack and robust 6 Health. This Orc warrior isn’t just a brute force on the battlefield; his unique card skill, “Final Act: Gain 1 mana,” ensures that even in his demise, Wild Manahir contributes to your war efforts, fueling your mana reserves and potentially turning defeat into victory.

The skill of “Final Act” reflects the relentless spirit of the Orcs, teaching that even in death, there’s an opportunity to aid your brethren. This skill, which activates upon Wild Manahir’s fall, underscores the deep lore wherein the Orcs, creatures born of Chaos’s defiance, infuse their every action with the potential to sow the seeds of future triumphs, no matter the cost.

Wild Manahir’s presence in your deck is more than just a tactical choice; it is a homage to the intricate lore of Legends of Elysium. It is a call to embrace the unpredictable, the chaotic, and the indomitable will to persevere that the Orcs represent. Whether leading a charge into enemy lines or standing as a bulwark against opposing forces, Wild Manahir is a testament to the Orcs’ history of strife, resilience, and their complex relationship with the land of Elysium and its creators.

Players would do well to integrate Wild Manahir into their strategies, leveraging his formidable presence and the strategic depth his “Final Act” skill brings to the game. As you deploy this Orc warrior onto the hexes of battle, let his story inspire your tactics, reminding you that in the world of Legends of Elysium, every card holds a tale, and every move can alter the fabric of destiny.

Join the ranks of Elysium’s most strategic commanders by harnessing the power of Wild Manahir. May his strength guide you to victory, and his final act ensure your legacy on the battlefield.

Race: Orc
Card type: Unit
Rarity: Common
Cost: 6
Attack: 5
Health: 6
Skill: Final Act: Gain 1 mana.
Mountain: 5

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