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Darek Piaskowski – COO




Do you remember the good old games of the 90s? I remember it well, too. That time brought a lot of fun and amazing memories for most of the players including myself. Currently, we can experience the same emotions thanks to the great gaming positions within the blockchain world. There is just one slight difference we should take into account. The graphics and the simplicity that we got used to those days have not been changed for the existing blockchain projects either. That’s why my team and I have got the mission! As a founder of ‘Legends of Elysium’, my goal is to deliver a game with amazing gameplay, let players enjoy our top-notch graphic design and get you rewarded with well-deserved bonuses. I am one of you! Let’s start that adventure together! Your support is invaluable.


Darek has a deep passion for global and macro markets, investing and trading in cryptocurrencies, and building engaging communities. He has been focused on crypto and crypto-based startups for the last 3+ years. Darek graduated from the University of Science and Technology in Krakow. He’s passionate about the way that blockchain can impact the world as a whole and change the way people think of value and its transfer.


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