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May 2022



Dear Elysians,


Time flies, May is gone, and the LOE team is building!


Recent market conditions and Luna crash had a significant impact on many projects’, but not on us. For avoidance of the doubt – LUNA crash event had NO impact on LOE. We are still standing strong and building to deliver the best card game ever!


As you have noticed we are publishing more content each month. The effects are visible on our Twitter and other social media channels. Project community is growing, which is extremely positive in current market conditions. The sneak peak of UI got plenty of attention. Feedback was really good both from crypto and gaming space. We have updated our Whitepaper and Pitch Deck. The biggest change is the introduction of Guild Wars Expansion, which will enable organized communities such as gaming guilds to compete with each other for extra rewards.


We have attended the AIM London event, where we had a chance to present the project and open some doors to new partnerships and funding streams. 


We are waiting for something BIG, be patient, it will be worth the wait. Can you guess what is it? 


Thank you for your support on our socials. This is important for the project and its success.


‘Legends of Elysium’ activities in May 2022: 


2022-05-08 – ICOdrops listing

2022-05-09 – MEME contest announcement

2022-05-11 – UI publick sneak peek 

2022-05-15 – Refreshed Pitch Deck publication

2022-05-17 – AIM Summit in London

2022-05-20 – An official Partnership with Vinci protocol

2022-05-21 – LOE at Tron hackathon 2022

2022-05-24 – MEME contest winners announcement 

2022-05-27 – Something BIG is coming 

2022-05-30 – Mana Bar UI public presentation 


Follow us on Twitter to get the most updated information.


Take care folks and see you next time!

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