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7.1 Roadmap & Milestones


Legends of Elysium (#ccg) collectible card game development roadmap. 


The project is currently in early development, some features and the general time frame for releases may be subject to change.


Q3 2021● Market research
● First concept of the project’s GDD


Q4 2021● Start of game development - preparation of detailed Game Design Document
● Creation and simulations of game economics
● First draft of Treasury mechanism
● Contract with professional development studio


Q1 2022● Finalization of detailed Game Design Document
● Technology research and choosing the right tools and technology for development of the game
● Acquiring graphic designers for card illustrations
● Development of Main Menu UX
● Setting up blockchain developers team
● First concept of the game board


Q2 2022● Ongoing works on the card illustrations and in-game graphics
● Finalization of the Genesis Game Board design
● Development of Main Menu UI design
● Implementation of Main Menu UI in Unity:
   ○ MetaMask Login View
   ○ Hero Creation View (Race, Class, Name, Avatar)
   ○ Main Menu View
   ○ Collection View
   ○ Quests View
   ○ Leaderboard View
   ○ Notifications View
   ○ Achievements, Avatars, Heroes View
   ○ Friends & Chat View
   ○ Adding additional classes supporting functionality of UI
● Development of the Gameplay Mechanics
   ○ Implementation of turn-based battle system
   ○ Implementation of Mana distribution system
   ○ Implementation of skills architecture and classes
   ○ Implementation of card burning mechanism
   ○ Implementation of the system to verify card placement requirements
● Building Card creator in Admin Panel
● Implementation of the player login system
   ○ MetaMask integration
   ○ Integration between servers
● Development of the Treasury, Staking NFT and Mines smart contracts
● Testing the Treasury, Staking NFT and Mines smart contracts
● Development of the players deck management
● Beginning the work on the Soundtrack
● Creation of pre-rendered gameplay


Q3 2022● Finalizing of Main Menu UI design
● Implementation of Main Menu UI in Unity:
   ○ Settings View
   ○ Adventures View
   ○ Deck Creation View
   ○ Boards and Validators View
   ○ Card Packs View
   ○ Mint/Burn Cards View
   ○ Marketplace and Store View
   ○ Stake and Rent NFT View
   ○ League View
   ○ Tournaments View


Q4 2022● Development of the Gameplay
   ○ Implementation of unit movement system
   ○ Implementation of deck building system
   ○ Damage calculating and distributing system
   ○ Winner determination system
   ○ Implementation of cards and skills
   ○ Implementation of graphics,
● Completing the pre-alpha version
● Testing the pre-alpha version of the game and initial balancing
● Integration of Marketplace with the server
● Finalizing the Gameplay graphics design
● Integration of Smart Contracts with the game
● Testers recruitment for Closed Beta


Q1 2023● Development of Gameplay
   ○ Implementation of animations and fx effects
● Testing of Marketplace with the server
● Integration of Quest system within the game
● Finalizing the Gameplay graphics design
● Implementation of player matchmaking system
● Testing of Smart Contracts and game integration
● Implementation of chat system to the game
● Testers recruitment for Closed Beta


Q2 2023● Testing of Closed Beta
● Smart contract audits
● Adding a tutorial to the game
● Tournament system implementation
● Beta in-game NFT Marketplace release
● $LOE listing
● Development of new cards for the New Race expansion pack
● Adventure development (new race)
● New Board development (new race)
● Selection of Board Validators (new race)
● Premium Card Packs release (new race)
● Battlefield mode development
● Beginning of the mobile version development

In Progress

Q3/Q4 2023● First eSports Tournament
● New Races & Cards
● Guild Wars expansion development
● Beginning of the of desktop & mobile version development

In line

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