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6.2 Competitive Landscape

Card games are a part of the Play-And-Earn ecosystem. They are successful entertainment productions that in majority cases have the gameplay based on classic approach to card games. Building a strong unique deck is the only strategy element giving advantage over other players.


Randomly selected cards from the deck are used to be played on the table and compete with the hand of the opponent. Bringing entertainment combined with the ability to monetise time of the players, resulted in a great success of the projects.


Few examples of such production and our competitors are Gods Unchained, Splinterlands, SkyWeaver, CryptoSpells and more.


Extending strategy elements of classic card games by adding boards and movement of units on the battleground, alongside with organising cyclical eSport events, where all players can participate in online tournaments, gives Legends of Elysium competitive advantage in the space.

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