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October 2022



Dear Elysians,


We know how important balancing the game is for its success, that’s why Legends of Elysium will be balanced with the help of Artificial Intelligence!!! We have started a cooperation with a software company specializing in machine learning algorithms. They are based in the USA and have the know-how and skills to deliver software for us to balance the game. Balancing the game properly usually requires hundreds of players and thousands of games to get enough data to balance it properly. With the use of AI, the process will be massively accelerated.


As you have observed we are actively attending Twitter Spaces & AMAs with leading web3 projects. Our private Alpha is live and we are being recognised as a project that delivers on their promises. As an effect more invitations to such events follow and we are always happy to share our experience and knowledge with others.


Let’s welcome our newly appointed Ambassadors! 17 lucky applicants have received the Ambassador role! Congratulations to all! There were over 400 applications all together, thank you all who applied. The Ambassadors will help us in various fields such as development, promotion, music, marketing, community and many many more. There is a lot of work happening behind the curtain and having them on board is much appreciated.


Our COO, Darek Piaskowski is heading to Token2049 in London. If any Elysian is going to be present at the conference please do not hesitate to contact Darek on LinkedIn or Discord. He always responds, says hello and shares some first-hand news from us.


Just a reminder, the Legends of Elysium project has been officially listed on Coin Market Cap and Coingecko. Make sure to add us to your watchlist and support LOE.


#Phygital — the new trend within space. We are on it. More about it in the next newsletters.


Thank you for your ongoing support on our socials. This is important for the project and its success.


‘Legends of Elysium’ activities in October 2022:


2022–10–03 — Summary of Singapore Token2049

2022–10–08 — Prom talks — an interview of Marcin Skowronski and Darek Piaskowski

2022–10–11 — #Phygital — sneak peak. We are on it

2022–10–17 — An official partnership with Potion.GG, gaming companion platform

2022–10–21 — Star Atlas Twitter space

2022–10–28 — Official advisor announcement Israel Wilson

2022–10–29 — Lets welcome our Ambassadors


Follow us on Twitter to get the most updated information.


Take care folks and see you next time!

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