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December/Year 2022



Dear Elysians,


First we would like to thank you for being with Legends of Elysium in 2022. The whole team is grateful for such an amazing community gathering around our project. We wish you a successful New Year 2023! We hope this year will be full of spectacular events for you and your families.   


Taking this moment we would like to catch up with you and present the progress made in 2022. There is a lot of it and to make it as clear as possible we have splitted this is the major sub categories: 


Game development:


Since the inception of the idea back in August 2021, we have been working hard on GDD and game mechanics. In the meantime we have explored the market to find the best partner for us to deliver this task. We had tough criteria but we have chosen well. As you remember we have signed a partnership with PrimeBit Games at the end of 2021. And this was an excellent choice. Since then we have worked together on building the game. UI/UX have taken us 5 months to complete, under supervision of Marcin Dudek. Concurrently part of the team started implementing mechanics of the game in Unity. This major task took us a bit longer and in September we announced our early Alpha. 


This was a mind blowing experience for us to see the dream come true ?


Up to the end of the year we are integrating active and passive skills of units, special fields, marketplace and other functions which are crucial to be completed before inviting the closed Beta testers.

Testing – such a pleasant word and such an important task! As you know there are snags to fix before going to the next phase and we are on it!


Next phase is right around the corner  and you can join NOW and sign up for early access on our website.


Legends of Elysium is made by gamers for gamers.




We have started our smart contracts development also at the beginning of the year. We have completed the majority of smart contracts in September 2022 and updated them in December 2022 where it was required. This was possible through the enormous engagement of Eryk Rutkowski and Marcin Skowronski. Smart contracts have now been integrated into Unity and are being tested. The next steps are to ensure they are behaving as planned and deliver the full performance  in closed Beta. Once the amendments are done we get them audited and certified. 

Security is our top priority!  




Delivering a project, where you can not fully share the access to the insides are challenging. Taking in account also the environment and events in 2022 in crypto space it was even harder. Dariusz Piaskowski and his experience, knowledge and commitment through the whole year has brought us where we are. Our first batch of Ambassadors are working with us to promote the game and future of it. Thank you to all Ambassadors.
We have over 21k followers on LOE Twitter , our community on Discord reached out to over 2.2k .
All are waiting for Legends of Elysium delivery! And they have met the team which delivers!




Short and sweet on this field. Team and the project funds have not been exposed to ANY of the turbulent events from 2022. Marcin Nowak is managing the budget to minimize unnecessary expenses. All of the funds raised are stored in a secure manner on multisig wallets to ensure their safety. As delivery of the web-based version is right around the corner, the team actively participates in conversation to secure funds for further project milestones. 


We do care about the security of investors’ money.


Plans for 2023 and bright future:


In Q1 we are planning a Closed Beta and final testing phase of the project. This is a busy period for all team members. As you have noticed LOE delivers. We will jump over this challenge as well as others. Following that in Q2 an Open Beta is scheduled and the game will become available to the broader community. IDO and token listing will be happening around this time so stay tuned!

Based on current opinions we are destined for success. 


Follow us on Twitter to get the most updated information.


Take care folks and see you next time!

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