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5.2 Revenue Streams

One of the most important aspects in the game is revenue. Users can benefit from playing the game in many ways. Majority of the game’s revenue will be redirected back to the treasury and as a result to the players as rewards.


All the categories where revenue takes place:


  • purchase of Standard, Enchanted and Divine Packs
  • purchase of game Boards
  • NFT borrowing
  • purchase of Adventures mode
  • Marketplace royalty
  • Tickets for the eSports Tournament
  • Heroes upgrade
  • In-Game advertising

Royalty fees will vary and be subject to external Marketplace terms and conditions. In consequence, every transaction in both in-game and external marketplace will result in additional revenue.


Becoming a professional gamer is a long journey that’s why we want to support competitive players in their path to success. Top players will receive $LOE tokens based on their position on the weekly leaderboard.


In addition to that, Legends of Elysium will be hosting tournaments where the best scored players will be eligible to win grand prizes. Also, we would like to invite other projects to participate in the tournaments by organising theme events under other projects’ and our sponsors’ brand. In-Game advertising is also another stream of revenue for events like eSports Tournaments.


We also plan to expand into the metaverse with worlds like Sandbox and Decentraland, third-party developed games, and more. We see the potential in this to combine it with our regular eSports events.

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