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Cosmic Factions




Legends of Elysium assets and avatars would be present within the beautiful metaverse of CosmicFactions.  


CosmicFactions is reinventing the concept of the digital world by providing self-sustaining ecosystems and immersive experiences that seamlessly blur the line between consumers and developers.


By bridging traditional gaming with Web3 technology, Cosmic Factions enables existing Web2 games to be adapted to Web3 standards. The result is a dynamic environment that enables game developers to easily create authentic, high-quality games, while giving gamers a platform for interacting seamlessly with games and assets.


CosmicFactions is setting the standard for the new cross-dimensional Play-2-Earn, Create-2-Earn, and Rent-2-Earn paradigm by simplifying effortless interactions between gamers, collectors, and developers alike.


This is accomplished through a wide range of essential offerings & features, including but not limited to:


  • Faction Avatars: Partnered Projects NFT collection
  • Retro-Console: Game development interface
  • CosmoPad: The NFT launchpad
  • The Planet Emporium: The Creator’s Marketplace
  • The Cosmic Council: DAO
  • Vortal: The nexus that connects all NanoVerses and gateway to the Metaverse

CosmicFactions social channels:







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