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July 2023

Legends of Elysium development progress July 2023



AlphaTestnet 2.0 – Play Now


Greetings, brave adventurers! At Legends of Elysium, we are thrilled to welcome you to our realm and embark on an epic journey together. The time has come to unleash the power of blockchain gaming and forge a new legend in the gaming universe.


We truly value loyalty and commitment, and that’s why we’re excited to reward our early supporters with special perks. Check out the awesome incentives we have in store for you, with more surprises to come in the future!


More info in our Medium .


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Innovation Night with BNB Chain


We are delighted to share that LOE had the honor of being personally invited to the prestigious Innovation Night event by BNB Chain. Our COO, Darek, had the pleasure of representing us at this extraordinary gathering in Paris during ETHCC. The event was nothing short of spectacular, with an amazing community, distinguished ambassadors, and passionate gamers in attendance.


We are proud to report that our PC stations were constantly occupied as attendees immersed themselves in our captivating game. The positive reception was overwhelming, and we are thrilled that LOE left a lasting impression on everyone present.


During the event, we engaged in fruitful discussions that further solidified our belief in a bright future for LOE. The overwhelming positive response from attendees reaffirmed our passion for creating an exceptional gaming experience.




Challenger — We are thrilled to announce a new partnership with Challenger Project, which will integrate our game into its eSports Protocol!



‘Legends of Elysium’ activities in July 2023: 



2023-07-03 – an official partnership with Challenger Project

2023-07-06 – BNB Chain Innovation Night announcement

2023-07-10 – BNB Chain Cardbacks – winner announcement

2023-07-10 – Listing at Metapro platform

2023-07-11 – Twitter Space with BNB Chain

2023-07-12 – Challenger Project winners announcement

2023-07-17 – Innovation Night with BNB Chain

2023-07-27 – Twitter Space with DappRadar

2023-07-28 – AlphaTesters 2.0 Airdrop


Take care folks and see you next time!

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