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Future of Gaming by BSC News and Legends of Elysium


BSC News and Legends of Elysium: A Conversation on the Future of Blockchain and Gaming


In a recent video podcast on YouTube, two prominent figures in the blockchain and gaming industry, Kyle Heise and Darek Piaskowski, share their insights on the evolution of blockchain technology, the rise of BNB Chain, and the potential of gaming in the crypto space. Kyle Heise, the Director of Content for BSC News, and Darek Piaskowski, the COO of Legends of Elysium, discuss the inception of BNB Chain and the subsequent creation of BSC News. BSC News, a leading news agency and content creator for BNB Chain, was born out of the need for reliable news about the BNB Chain. Despite not having a direct relationship with Binance, BSC News maintains close relationships with finance and BNB Chain, aiming to provide better news and content creation for the BNB Chain community.

The conversation also delves into the duo’s experience in the crypto market and their close relationship with projects within the blockchain. They emphasize their efforts to assist with tokenomics, marketing, and community building, highlighting the importance of these aspects in the success of any blockchain project. The discussion then shifts to the gaming industry, with a particular focus on the unique cultural aspects of Japan that can be incorporated into the gaming industry. Piaskowski introduces his gaming project, Legends of Elysium, a fusion of a digital trading card game and a board game. He expresses pride in bringing high-quality games to users and highlights the significance of gaming in Japanese culture. The potential for blockchain technology to revolutionize the gaming industry is also discussed. The integration of blockchain technology in gaming can provide a new level of interactivity and ownership for players, creating a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the importance of testing new projects and being open to change. The duo believes that good quality brands in Japan, such as Sega and Konami, are not afraid to try new things. They argue that having a positive attitude towards the changes we are experiencing is crucial for adoption on a wider scale. This video podcast provides valuable insights into the future of blockchain and gaming, highlighting the potential of these two industries to influence each other and create innovative solutions. It is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of blockchain technology and gaming.

The video is part of a series called “Focus On,” which aims to provide in-depth discussions on various topics related to blockchain technology. The series is produced by Skyland Ventures, a venture capital fund focusing on seed startup investments in the technology industry. Skyland Ventures has invested in over 120 startups, mainly in Japan, and is now focusing on investing in Web3 (Crypto, NFT, Blockchain) startups. Overall, the video podcast serves as an informative and engaging discussion on the future of blockchain and gaming, providing viewers with a deeper understanding of these rapidly evolving industries. It is a testament to the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize various sectors, from finance to gaming, and the importance of staying updated with the latest developments in this dynamic field.

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