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1.3 Our Mission

Our mission is to bring fun and opportunity to monetize the time of our players, build a strong and engaged community around blockchain gaming and Play-And-Earn ecosystem, and meet growing needs of gamers around the world. 


Currently, eSports events are reserved exclusively for professional players. Thanks to blockchain technology, we can challenge the status quo. We want to create a world-class game with cyclical eSports tournaments, where all the players have an equal opportunity to achieve success, and other well-known gaming and blockchain projects will be proud to support us.


We are aware of the importance of meeting the needs of the community, therefore, we emphasise designing a treasury vault, which will benefit all kinds of players in the game ecosystem, and we create a governance program where their engagement will lead further expansions.


Our goal is to build a thriving game ecosystem which gives players a perfect combination of challenging entertainment with earning opportunities. As a team, we want to be helpful and transparent at every stage of the game development and take eSports to the next level.


Being aware of the trends emerging in the game dev industry and to meet players’ expectations, who want to have physical assets from their favourite games,  Legends of Elysium will be introducing Phygital items. These kinds of assets are a combination of a physical object with an NFT representation, which give special perks to the owner. To maximise the full potential of Phygital assets, the owner needs to have both physical and digital versions of the items. 

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