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BNBChain Innovation Night with LOE – EthCC Paris 17-20 July 2023

BNB Chain Innovation Night: A Deep Dive into the Future of eSports and TCG Games


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The eSports and Trading Card Games (TCG) industry is witnessing a paradigm shift with the advent of blockchain technology. The BNB Chain Innovation Night in Paris, hosted by BNBChain, was a testament to this evolution. This event, held on July 19th at eSport Paris, brought together the largest growing community in the industry, offering a platform for networking, showcasing innovative gaming projects, and discussing the future of Legends of Elysium and eSports.


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The Rise of Blockchain in eSports and TCG Games


Blockchain technology is revolutionizing the eSports and TCG games industry by introducing the concept of play-to-earn games. This innovative model allows players to earn income through their gameplay, transforming gaming from a leisure activity into a potential job. The BNB Chain Innovation Night highlighted this trend, with discussions centered around the potential impact of blockchain on the gaming industry. The event showcased some of the most exciting Gaming and Web3 projects, offering attendees the chance to play some of the most innovative games in Web3. These games included Oxya Origin,, Games for a Living, Ultimate Champions, Cyber Titans, and Legends of Elysium. Each of these games represents a unique blend of traditional eSports and TCG elements with the innovative features of blockchain technology.


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Community Involvement in Game Development


One of the key themes of the BNB Chain Innovation Night was the role of the community in game development. The event highlighted how the gaming industry is moving towards a more democratic approach to game development, with the community playing a significant role in decision-making processes. This approach is evident in the development of Legends of Elysium, a blockchain-based TCG game. The Legends of Elysium community has a say in the development and expansion of the game, with races being decided through government votes or community input. This democratic approach fosters a sense of ownership among players and ensures that the game is built to cater to the preferences of the community.


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Addressing Challenges in the Play-and-Earn Model


While the play-and-earn model offers numerous benefits, it also presents several challenges that need to be addressed to ensure the sustainable growth of the industry. The BNB Chain Innovation Night highlighted the importance of acknowledging and addressing these challenges. One of the key challenges discussed was the need to prioritize the end user’s experience. The success of a play-to-earn game depends on creating a seamless and enjoyable gameplay experience. The BNB Chain team emphasized their commitment to addressing these issues and creating a game that provides a fair and rewarding play-to-earn model.


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BNB Chain: A Leader in Blockchain Gaming


BNB Chain is a community-driven and decentralized blockchain, powered by BNB. It consists of BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain (BSC), which is EVM compatible and facilitates a multi-chain ecosystem. It is the world’s largest smart contract blockchain by daily active users, having processed 3 billion transactions to date from 232 Million unique addresses. The BNB Chain ecosystem has more than 1,500 active dApps across multiple categories such as DeFi, Metaverse, blockchain games, NFT, and more. The BNB Chain Innovation Night was a testament to the chain’s commitment to fostering innovation and growth in the blockchain gaming industry.


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The BNB Chain Innovation Night offered valuable insights into the future of eSports and TCG games in the era of blockchain technology. The event highlighted the potential of the play-and-earn model, the importance of community involvement in game development, and the need to address challenges to ensure the sustainable growth of the industry. With blockchain technology continuing to revolutionize the gaming industry, events like the BNB Chain Innovation Night play a crucial role in fostering dialogue, promoting innovation, and shaping the future of eSports and TCG games. Whether you are a gamer, a blockchain enthusiast, or someone interested in the play-to-earn model, the insights from this event offer a glimpse into the exciting future of gaming.


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