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Legends of Elysium Integrates Chainlink VRF: A New Era of Transparency in Blockchain Gaming


Legends of Elysium, a pioneering free-to-play fusion of trading card and board games, has recently announced a significant integration with Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Polygon mainnet. This integration marks a monumental step in the game’s journey, offering a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness, crucial for randomizing card sales during special events. This move not only enhances the game’s integrity but also ensures full transparency in the selling of LOE assets, a critical aspect for players and participants in the blockchain gaming community.



The Integration: A Leap Towards Fairness and Transparency


The integration of Chainlink VRF by Legends of Elysium is a testament to the game’s commitment to fairness and transparency. Chainlink, a leading decentralized oracle network, provides a secure random number generator (RNG) that any user can independently audit. This RNG is essential for maintaining a certain ratio and securing the user experience during card sales. The integration ensures that every number generated is provably random and cannot be tampered with by the game developers or any external entity.



Why Chainlink VRF?


Chainlink VRF is chosen for its cutting-edge academic research, time-tested oracle network, and secure, reliable solutions. Traditional RNG solutions derived from off-chain APIs are often opaque and fail to provide users with definitive proof about the integrity of the process. Chainlink VRF, on the other hand, generates cryptographic proofs that prove the integrity of each random number supplied to smart contracts, thereby ensuring transparency and fairness in the gaming process.



The Impact on Legends of Elysium


For Legends of Elysium, this integration is more than just a technical enhancement. It represents a commitment to building a game that onboards millions of players to web3, without them even realizing they are playing a blockchain game. The game, set on a board made of hexes, introduces a new dimension of tactical gameplay. The Chainlink VRF integration ensures that the game remains entertaining, fair, and engaging for all players.



The Future of Blockchain Gaming


The integration of Chainlink VRF by Legends of Elysium sets a new standard in the blockchain gaming industry. It demonstrates how blockchain technology can be used to enhance the gaming experience, ensuring fairness and transparency in game mechanics. This move is likely to inspire other blockchain games to follow suit, leading to a more trustworthy and reliable gaming ecosystem.





The integration of Chainlink VRF by Legends of Elysium is a significant milestone in the evolution of blockchain gaming. It ensures that the game remains a fun, fair, and engaging experience for all players. This integration not only enhances the credibility of Legends of Elysium but also paves the way for future innovations in the blockchain gaming sector. As the industry continues to grow, such integrations will be crucial in building trust and transparency in blockchain-based games.

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