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1.2 Our Vision

Our vision is a world where gamers have full control of their assets and they are being rewarded for the time they spend on playing games and contributing to the gaming community. We believe that this vision can come true thanks to evolving Play-And-Earn solutions and increasing adoption of blockchain technology that follows this trend. To achieve this vision, we are setting up a new standard for Play-And-Earn games by developing a unique and entertaining, high-quality game with top-notch graphics. We want to revolutionise the industry by bringing a AAA quality game to blockchain that is Free-To-Play with no entry barrier.


Games are an integral part of people’s lives. They bring us fun and hours of entertainment. Help us to relax and learn new skills and allow us to become anyone we want in the virtual world. Being a part of the gaming industry, having an impact on the evolving trend and enabling users to be part of that change as well, is our dream. We believe in inclusivity and that’s why we will educate web2 players about the benefits blockchain and NFTs bring to the gaming ecosystem and as a result increase blockchain adoption among gamers.

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