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2.2 Heroes

To participate in the game, players have to create a hero to represent them. Players can choose the race and class of the hero to meet their own playstyle. A player can have many heroes under one account, but the maximum level of each hero is 50. Heroes with higher levels have more HP on the battlefield, provide more experience and more income.




At the first stage of the game there will be three races available to choose from: Human, Orc, Dark Elf. Each race gives a special passive skill related to a particular type of cards and the strength of this passive skill increases with hero level.





  • Human: at the end of each Nth-turn, gives +1/+1 to a random Farmland unit on the battleground.
  • Orc: at the end of each Nth-turn, gives +1/+1 to a random Mountain unit on the battleground.
  • Dark Elf: at the end of each Nth-turn, gives +1/+1 to a random Forest unit on the battleground.

The bonus related to the race of the hero activates when the hero reaches level 6 and time to activate it decreases as the level increases. Bonuses gained by the hero depending on his level are as follows:




Heroes of each race can choose one of the classes. Classes give special passive skills unrelated to units.


  • Warrior: starts the battle with +5 HP
  • Archer: places additional Land in the first turn
  • Mage: starts the battle with 1 random spell card




Each hero that advances to level 2 can be minted as an NFT and become fully transferable. To upgrade the level of a Hero, you must use them in a battle to gain enough experience.


Heroes Experience


Newly created heroes start the game with level one. Amount of experience needed for lvl-up increases with level. Amount of XP needed for the next level is calculated as follows:




Required XP = lvl multiplayer * hero lvl + past required XP

Example 1: 105 = 19 * 3 + 48

Hero who has level 3 needs to get 105 XP to advance to level 4.




The amount of experience players gain after each battle varies depending on the outcome of the battle and the level and class of their hero. The base amount of experience a player gains after winning a battle is 10 XP. Depending on the HP of the battle’s winner, the following conversion factors are applied.


hp of winner2


The conversion rate for the hero’s level and class should also be multiplied by the above conversion rates. The formula for calculating experience gained after the battle is as follows:


Gained XP = 10 XP * battle result * hero lvl * XP boost


The result is rounded down to a whole number.



Player 1 has lvl 24 and 25% XP boost. Player 2 has lvl 24 and no XP boost.

Player 1 has lost, but the opponent has less than 5% life left.

Player 1 gains 210 XP:

210 XP = 10 XP * 0.7 * 24 * 1.25 (because of 25% XP boost)


Player 2 gains 240 XP:

240 XP = 10 XP * 1 * 24 * 1

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