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5.1 Value

Business model of Legends of Elysium is composed of the In-Game Economy, NFT Marketplace and DeFi. As a team, we aim to build a booming ecosystem where gaming and DeFi can be combined, bringing satisfaction to gaming communities. The community will derive from playing the game for many years as the game will be evolving constantly.


We aim to create the most entertaining and fun game in the blockchain world and become the frontrunner when it comes to innovative gameplay. Our belief is that the most important aspect of our business model is listening to the community. Therefore, our community will have an active role in the development of Legends of Elysium. Embracing our community is what sets us apart from other gaming projects.


The community can actively participate in game development, through activities such as:


  1. Voting on new functionalities and updates to be added during the development phase.
  2. Voting on managing the reserves in the vault and deciding where the fund will be allocated.
  3. Voting on blockchain infrastructure modification.
  4. Testing new game Boards, Races, Classes and Cards.

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