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1.1 About us

Legends of Elysium is a Free-To-Play game that combines elements of collectible card and board games enriched with unique strategic elements. The universe takes players on an unforgettable journey in a fantasy world inhabited by extraordinary creatures.  Our Free-To-Play economy enables users to play and earn every day by doing daily quests and competing with other players.


The game combines an incredible, immersive classic card & board game experience with the ground-breaking technology behind non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Its initial version will be released as a web-based game to be platform-independent and reach the broadest audience possible. Mobile and desktop versions will be developed following delivery of web-based version. Players will have a chance to experience both single player and multiplayer modes in Legends of Elysium, so we believe that everyone will find something for themselves.


Strategy in the game is an extremely important element with a nearly infinite number of possibilities. Players will be able to plan and adjust their strategy based on multiple factors such as:
– Race and Class of their hero,
– Rarity of the cards owned
– Deck type (mountain, forest, farmland)
– Boards the players use to play on,
– NFT cards owned or borrowed from other players,
– Time spent on learning, improving skills and advancing to another level
– Adventure mode exploration and several other factors.


Legends of Elysium is developed by DA Games OU in cooperation with Prime Bit Games, an award-winning development studio listed on the stock exchange. Their team has won national and international awards for their works, such as Microsoft and Unity Competition, Laur Eksperta 2016/2017, IMProve Academy 2015 and many more. Prime Bit Games has an extensive portfolio of different varieties of games, with over 5 million total downloads through their store. Partnership with Prime Bit Games is an important milestone in our journey, enabling us to deliver an amazing game built on the UNITY engine to players all around the world.

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