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January 2022



Dear Elysians,


January was very busy for us. Our game developers have started UX/UI works. The game mechanics are now fully defined and await first review once the early Alpha version is ready for testing. The significant progress is also made by our blockchain developers, as they are about to finish designing the blockchain architecture of our smart contracts and will start working on the most advanced of our smart contracts  A team of 6  graphic designers works continuously to deliver the highest quality artworks, which we  share  with you via  the LOE Twitter account. Overall, all the works go according to the programme and the roadmap. Currently, there are over 25 people involved in the game development. 

You can find the detailed summary of the January activities, listed below.


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‘Legends of Elysium’ activities in January 2022: 


30-12-2021 – Strategic Partnership with PrimeBit GamesLegends of Elysium Game developer

06-01-2022 – Strategic Partnership with Gamerhash – partner enabling passive income for gamers

07-01-2022 – Team Announcement Marcin Dudek – Marketing & Graphic Design 

10-01-2022 – Strategic Partnership with Digital Assets – partner and investor 

12-01-2022 – Introduction of Keya Deadshot – her story is yet to be told

14-01-2022 – Team Announcement Eryk Rutkowski – Chief Technology Officer

19-01-2022 – Advisory Announcement – Andreas Wonderkid and Florian Jersch 

21-01-2022 – Team Announcement Marcin Skowroński – Product & Communications 

24-01-2022 – Team Announcement Dariusz Piaskowski – Operation & Content 

26-01-2022 – Advisory Announcement – Vladan Falcic and Lukasz Rodzeń 

28-01-2022 – Official publication of LOE Whitepaper 

29-01-2022 – Strategic Partnership with Oorot Digital – partner with complex NFT solutions

31-01-2022 – Team Announcement Marcin Nowak – Financial Officer


February will be equally attractive and incredibly busy.


Take care folks and see you next time!

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