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Legends of Elysium is excited to be listed on DeQuest gaming platform. DeQuest is the first platform of its kind for Metaverse users who want to understand blockchain gaming concepts, through skill level progression and guided learning.


Every day there are new GameFi projects, new gamers, investors and collectors that need a way to filter the noise. DeQuest does this by leveraging community, gamification, and mutually beneficial partnerships, all of which is harmonised into Web3 platform that teaches, empowers, and rewards forward-thinking users. 


How does DeQuest works:


  1. Connect with the platform using your wallet or email address.
  2. Learn about your favorite games and explore new titles.
  3. Complete in-game quests, social and educational tasks to earn points.
  4. Redeem points for game prizes or participate in raffles
  5. Collect Soulbound tokens, level up your hero and build your web3 reputation


DeQuest social channels:


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