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eDigital-Assets are a Venture Capital who trusted the idea behind Legends of Elysium at the very start and supported the project at the earliest stage of seed round. This meets their vision and mission in web3 space.


At Digital Assets we believe that supporting projects with capital injection is only the first step. We challenge the status quo in the Venture Capital environment by working hard with our partners from the very start until successful implementation of your idea. Once we understand your needs, we provide an assessment and offer a suitable solution to deliver the required outcome. We work in the spirit of mutual trust and cooperation to create better, innovative, and creative projects. Our trusted and experienced team of investors, which we have built for the last 4 years of operation, have seen exciting times of 2017 as well and winter of 2018/2019. This experience strengthens Digital Assets in understanding of fast changing markets. Beyond capital investments at early stages our investment group can provide necessary help in professional graphic design, network testing and providing validators nodes, product management guidance, community management and access to KOL’s. To unleash our savvy and enthusiastic team in providing the right solution for you do not hesitate and contact us now. Digital Assets Moving Projects Forward.


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