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Morfyus League



Legends of Elysium is excited to announce our partnership with Morfyus League, ML pioneer in bridging the metaverse gap for world citizens, one player at a time. Morfyus League only focus on the right games, the right people and the right rewards to unravel every member’s true potential. Legends of Elysium is pleased to be one of the games to join ML ecosystem and receive boost in SEA region.


At Morfyus, they believe in empowering millions to leverage metaverse opportunities for a better quality of life. Gaming is merely a gateway to a broader metaverse, where players have a stake in its ownership and are rewarded based on merit.


They aim to take hold of the metaverse and to connect billions of gamers around the world, further educating and upskilling them. At the end of the road lies a new workforce that is well equipped to power future society and create value to Morfyus and organizations in the metaverse.


Since their establishment, they’ve rapidly expanded across South East Asia, equipping gamers with the tools and resources to thrive in the metaverse.


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