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8.2 Advisors

Vladan Falcic – Co-Founder and CEO of Squares Capital

Andreas Aschenbrenner – Project Manager at Mine Network and Milc Platform

Michał Miłosz – Gaming Industry Expert

Michał Ręczkowicz – CEO & Founder at Prime BIt Investments

Daniel Kwak – Blockchain and DeFi Expert

Yasmina Kazitani – Marketing Expert

Patryk Pusch – Co-Founder of GamerHash and GamerCoin

Artur Pszczółkowski – GamerHash CMO/VP

Patrycja Rodzińska-Szary – Game Industry & Monetization Expert

Fotis Sach – Head of Business Development in Prom

Marcin Seń – Deal Maker

Elliot Hagemeijer – CEO at Decubate

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