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April 2022



Dear Elysians,


What a month!!! 


Michal Milosz has joined the team as an Advisor in the project. His experience in building the Diablo 3, The Witcher and Dying Light series is being used to improve LOE development activities and follow their path to successful product.


LOE Team has been on the tour at three blockchain events: Invest Cuffs Krakow, NFT Conference Lisbon and PBWS Paris. Busy time but rewarding with new partnerships, cooperations and investment opportunities. All of them are progressing and once materialized, an announcement will be made.


We have secured our first IDO launchpad POOLZ. Please check their Whitelist requirements in their official communication channels:





Our software house PrimeBit Games is on target to deliver the Alpha version of LOE game at the end of May/early June. As you know from other Card Games, the trick is to have the right balance. That will be our focus in the following months. 


Blockchain devs continue working on the treasury smart contract, the most advanced and complex in our project. It is important to write it efficiently and test it properly before we can make an official announcement.


NEW WAITLIST FORM – just a reminder to those who have not yet completed. You will be glad you did it. 


Thank you for your support on our socials. This is important for the project and its success.


‘Legends of Elysium’ activities in April 2022: 


2022-04-04 – Advisory Announcement – Michal Milosz

2022-04-06 – NFC conference in Lisbon 

2022-04-09 – T-Shirt Giveaway – winners announcement 

2022-04-12 – Paris NFT day and our busy booth 

2022-04-15 – LOE graphic presentation

2022-04-24 – Our developer studio PrimeBit released Game-play of Clash2 

2022-04-28 – First launchpad on board – POOLZ

2022-04-29 – 1000 followers on our Twitter -Thank you for your support


Follow us on Twitter to get the most updated information.


Take care folks and see you next time!

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