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ChainPlay is a one-stop hub for all-things blockchain gaming. The platform is tailor-made to help crypto gamers get aggregated information from many areas of the GameFi market. Instead of researching each crypto gaming project individually to know its potential, investment opportunities, and events, ChainPlay consolidates and gives users all this information in one platform. This aggregated, real-time information saves you time and ensures you remain ever knowledgeable of the happenings within the play-to earn gaming space.


GameFi, the blend of virtual gaming and decentralized finance, took over the crypto space especially in late 2021, when the sector was at its peak. However, sentiments about this virtual gaming economy are getting more critical by the day. Through the survey, we hoped to understand from a first-party point of view how GameFI is doing presently. Let’s explore some of the findings we gathered.


The GameFi industry is still in its infancy stage. This means that most investors haven’t had a very long investment period. In fact, 68% of GameFi investors only joined the market in the last 12 months, with many getting on board during the last two quarters of 2021.


When it comes to the factors you need to consider before investing in a GameFi project, community, backers & partners, and teams still rank as the most important. 69% of investors believe the vibrance of a project’s community is an important factor to consider when investing. On the other hand, 66% view backers and partners as the most important investment consideration. Trailing the first two considerations closely is gameplay, which 51% of investors believe to be the most important factor when considering a GameFi investment. 49% of other investors believe that tokenomics hold the most weight in their investment decision, 38% say it’s the in-game economy design, 31% consider graphics, while 4% of investors make other considerations.


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