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4.5 Distribution

There will be a fixed supply of 200,000,000.00 $LOE tokens. Tokens will be allocated to the following areas.






Treasury is a large pool of 52,000,000 $LOE tokens (26% of total supply), which are reserved for the pay-out of Play-And-Earn rewards. These tokens will unlock over 36 months following the game launch, which is estimated to occur in the second half of 2023. More details regarding Treasury distribution have been explained in the 4.7 section.


The Ecosystem and Development pool will have 10,000,000 $LOE tokens allocated, that will unlock over 36 months after the 3 month cliff. The purpose of this pool is to support further development of Legends of Elysium, that includes and is not limited to adding new features such as: new Races, Classes, Boards and Adventures; covering maintenance and other game related costs; etc.


There are 10,000,000 $LOE tokens (5% of total supply) allocated to the Marketing pool. They will be used to promote Legends of Elysium in the cryptocurrency and gaming scene and bring bigger awareness of eSports. Through this, we expect to acquire new active players, build a strong community and increase brand visibility.


Advisors enabling partnerships and providing support will be rewarded from the Advisor pool.


Team tokens are designed to incentivise the core team and acquire new employees. This pool will unlock over 24 months after a 6-month cliff from the TGE.


Airdrop pool will be used to reward community members who meet specific criteria, to be announced in the future.  For example, early adopters and players of the Legends of Elysium game may be rewarded for their activity and support of the game ecosystem. Additionally $LOE tokens from this pool, may be used to fund Staking and Liquidity Farming in the early stage following DEX listing.


Liquidity pool will be used to fund all aspects related to liquidity, such as providing liquidity on CEX and DEX exchanges.



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