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PrimeBit Games SA



In a significant collaboration for the digital gaming industry, the Legends of Elysium team proudly announced their partnership with PrimeBit Games S.A. on 28th December 2021. This union marks the development of the eagerly anticipated PrimeBit NFT game, The Legends of Elysium, a web-based, play-to-earn (P2E) adventure. This milestone represents a crucial advancement in our journey within the evolving realm of NFT gaming.


PrimeBit Games, a studio renowned for its extensive expertise in game development, has become a notable name in the industry, particularly with successful titles like Clash and Magic Nations. Since their debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2018, PrimeBit Games has consistently impressed the market with their innovative productions, now venturing into the exciting world of NFTs with the PrimeBit NFT game.


The team at PrimeBit Games is celebrated for their excellence, having earned both national and international accolades, including prestigious awards from Microsoft and Unity Competition, Laur Eksperta 2016/2017, and IMProve Academy 2015. Their portfolio showcases their ability to create immersive gaming experiences, now applied to developing the PrimeBit NFT game.


Our interactions with Michal Reczkowski, the CEO of Primebit Games, revealed their commitment to excellence. His proactive and collaborative attitude played a pivotal role in forging this partnership, especially in the context of developing a PrimeBit NFT game.


A dedicated team of 10 developers is diligently working on the ‘Game Design Development’ for The Legends of Elysium. As we face new challenges in 2022, our team is optimally positioned to deliver this groundbreaking PrimeBit NFT game by year’s end.


PrimeBit Games S.A. excels in both in-house productions and client-based projects, skillfully blending innovative concepts with advanced technologies. Their expertise extends to VR and exercise equipment integrations and game porting across platforms like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Mobile.


Furthermore, PrimeBit Games supports the unique “Computer Games Engineering” specialization at the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów, nurturing future talents in game development. This initiative aligns with their vision for the PrimeBit NFT game, underscoring their commitment to innovation and education in gaming.


The team at PrimeBit Games S.A., comprising skilled programmers and graphic designers, utilizes advanced tools like Unity 3D, Flutter, Xamarin, React, Vue, PHP, Blender, Pixologic ZBrush, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, and Adobe Photoshop. Their experience and ambition assure a successful and exciting launch of the PrimeBit NFT game, The Legends of Elysium.


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