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Phygital Trend in Gaming

Legends of Elysium advances Phygital trend


The gaming industry has come a long way since the days of arcade machines and 8-bit home consoles. Today, gaming has become a multi-billion-dollar industry that is not limited to just entertainment but also fitness, education and social interaction.


Collectibles in gaming have been a basis of the gaming industry for decades, providing a unique and exciting way for players to collect, trade, and interact with their favourite franchises and characters. With the rise of technology and the integration of digital and physical elements, a new trend has emerged in the collectible gaming world, known as “phygital.” This trend combines the best of both worlds, providing players with a unique and immersive gaming experience that combines the thrill of collecting with the excitement of gaming.


What is Phygital


Term Phygital is used to describe the fusion of physical and digital experiences, and this trend is rapidly growing in the gaming industry. The phygital trend in gaming involves the integration of physical elements, such as collectible items, into digital gaming experiences, creating a bridge between the physical and digital world. This type of gaming offers a unique blend of the tangible and intangible, allowing players to enjoy the benefits of both physical and digital collectibles.


One of the key aspects of phygital collectible gaming is the integration of physical and digital elements. This allows players to experience their collections in new and innovative ways, as they bring their physical collectibles to life in digital form. For example, players may scan a physical collectible with their smartphone to unlock a virtual version of the collectible, which can be used in a digital game. This provides a new level of interaction and immersion, allowing players to experience their collections in a way that was not possible before.


Examples of Phygital trend in Gaming


A great example of how digital and physical worlds are merged under phygital trend is Star Trek Online. Every fan of the game, who possesses a special virtual spaceship within the game, which is customized by the player themselves, are able to order a physical model of that spaceship as a reward. This approach brings a virtual asset -in that case a spaceship, into a real world as fully detailed 3D collectible.


Another great example of phygital trend in gaming is the upcoming Legends of Elysium Genesis Sale


Lucky participants who manage to get the NFT card of Orc Shaman known as Torg Whitehand, will also get a physical collectible figurine of it. Moreover, this NFT card in combination with a physical figurine will enable the owners to receive additional rewards.


Legends of Elysium advances Phygital trend


Blockchain unleashes Phygital


True potential of the Phygital trend has been unlocked by the use of blockchain technology in gaming. Blockchain technology provides a secure and verifiable way to create, store, and trade digital collectibles, opening up new possibilities for gaming. With blockchain technology, players can own unique digital assets that are verified and secured, and can be bought, sold, and traded in the real world. This allows players to experience the same level of ownership and investment in digital collectibles as they do with physical collectibles.


Ability to create unique digital assets that blockchain technology unlocked, opened the doors to a new dimension of Phygital. It enabled players to own both digital and physical collectibles that are unique, limited and linked with each other. This unique bond between collectibles brings totally new possibilities to the gaming world. For example players can own a limited edition of physical collectibles, that is linked with their digital asset which can be used in-game and provided that the owner has both of them, it gives him special benefits. The use of blockchain in creation of Phygital items can also work as a certificate of authenticity, where physical collectible has to be certified by the possession of its digital version.


Future of Phygital


Being a growing trend in gaming, Phygital is revolutionizing the way that players engage with games. The combination of physical and digital elements is creating new opportunities for growth, and game developers are finding new ways to create immersive and interactive gaming experiences. The benefits of Phygital gaming include increased player engagement, improved player socialization, and new opportunities for gamification. The future of the Phygital trend in gaming looks bright, and it is expected to continue to shape the gaming industry in new and innovative ways.


Phygital trend is at the beginning of the road and as technology evolves and more gaming companies realize its true potential, it will come to the mainstream in the coming years. We will see it more often used in AR/VR, utilizing AI, apps and games and in other areas of life, not only in gaming. The times when borders between physical and digital worlds will vanish is coming. The future is Phygital!






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