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3.2 Backend

Game Backend


The game will be developed using combination of C#, an industry-standard language similar to Java or C++; and UnityScript, a language designed specifically for use with Unity and modelled after JavaScript.


Photon Server is a framework, which was used to accelerate the construction of multiplayer game mode. Thanks to the flexibility it provides we can easily customise and develop server logic. Additional plugins are developed in .NET and C#.


Databases are written in PostgreSQL and include game states as well as game statistics.


Blockchain Backend


The open-source ChainSafe SDK for Unity is used to connect to the Web3 wallets, as well as handle custom smart contracts calls. In order to monitor the status of our smart contracts that affect various aspects of the game, workers built in Python are used.


Seamless Onboarding


To encourage classic players not familiar with blockchain technology we will implement features that enable web2 players to start enjoying the game easily. To achieve that, user-friendly solutions like login with Google Account, local payment solutions etc will be implemented.


Artificial Intelligence


The Artificial Intelligence Balancer will simulate thousands of battles involving new cards or skills and produce results  that will help in maintaining a healthy game balance. In case the AI Balancer manages to identify abnormalities, it will check them, evaluate and provide the outcome along with suggested areas of improvement to testers for manual verification purposes.


In Adventures mode, our AI Bots will individually match the player’s skills and focus on the ones developed the least. With this approach, single-player campaigns can help players achieve better results in the other game modes.

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