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Elytronite is an extremely rare material that can be used as in-game currency, in the world of Legends of Elysium. Elytronite cannot be purchased, it can only be obtained in-game through various actions. It’s crucial for the game’s economy and dynamics.



How to Get Elytronite?


Elytronite is an extremely rare material in Legends of Elysium and can also be used as an in-game currency.


This magical crystal primarily reflects the player’s progress, engagement, and achievements in the game.



Method of Obtaining Elytronite in Legends of Elysiun Description
Daily Login Earn Elytronite by logging into the game daily.
Fighting in the League Acquire Elytronite by participating in league matches.
Completing Achievements Obtain Elytronite by achieving specific milestones in the game.
Daily and Monthly Quests Gain Elytronite by completing daily and monthly in-game quests.
Participating in Special Events Earn Elytronite by taking part in special game events.
Burning Cards Receive Elytronite by destroying certain in-game cards.


!Note: Elytronite cannot be purchased. It can only be obtained through the in-game activities mentioned above.



What to Use Elytronite For?


Elytronite is an extremely rare material in Legends of Elysium and can also be used as an in-game currency. Elytronite can be used as a form of payment in the in-game Store to purchase:



Use of Elytronite in LOE Description
Card Packs Use Elytronite to buy packs of cards.
Card Backs Purchase various designs for the backs of your cards using Elytronite.
Avatars Buy different avatars for your profile with Elytronite.
Slots for New Decks Use Elytronite to add additional deck slots to your collection.
Slots for New Heroes Acquire more hero slots using Elytronite.
Access to Special Tournaments Use Elytronite to gain entry to exclusive tournaments.
Access to Special Battlepasses Purchase special battlepasses with Elytronite for exclusive content and rewards.
Crafting Cards Use Elytronite to craft new cards you desire.


Additionally, to the above, Elytronite is one of the materials needed to craft new cards. Crafting Common cards requires only Elytronite, while crafting Rare, Epic and Legendary cards require both Elytronite and LOE token. To learn more about LOE token visit LOE currency page.


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