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Patryk Pusch


Co-founder & CEO of GamerHash and GamerCoin


Entrepreneur, focused on the gaming industry. Cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2013, co-founder of and GamerCoin ($GHX).


To create good games, you don’t have to work for a big game developer. You just need to be a passionate gamer and you can create them yourself to play with your buddies! That’s what my friends and I did – we created our first games for the Oculus. It used to be the same with worldwide hits like Among Us or even Minecraft! I believe it will be the same with Legends of Elysium. The LoE team takes a lot of inspiration from great games such as: HoMM3, Stronghold and HearthStone, which I am a fan of. Combined with the possibilities of web 3.0 it will not only be great fun, but we will enter a new era of gaming. I’m very excited to be a part of this thanks to LoE.


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