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Prom will feature The Legends of Elysium assets for renting, buying & selling


Are you brave enough to enter the fantasy world of endless battles and twists of faith and become a hero of the long-lasting war between Orcs and Elves? Conquer the realms of Elysium with the powerful assets brought to you by Prom and The Legends of Elysium!


We’re happy to announce that the project has officially become our partner, and together, we’ll try our best to bring your gaming experience to a new level. Prom’s users will get access to all the needed ammunition for the upcoming Elysium battles: rent or buy in-game assets through Prom’s marketplace or use our rental solution. Let the battle begin!


Prom x The Legends of Elysium


As we’ve already mentioned, all the needed gaming NFTs of The Legends of Elysium will be featured on our platform. You are free to test out the game by renting the assets or purchasing them from the marketplace to enjoy complete ownership. We will also publish a detailed game guide for you to get acquainted with the game mechanics, mode, and strategies.


By featuring The Legends of Elysium on the platform, Prom gets a fantastic opportunity to introduce the users to another excellent quality project. At the same time, The Legends of Elysium receive additional exposure, a base of players ready to delve into their fantasy worlds.


About The Legends of Elysium


The Legends of Elysium perfectly combines the well-known and loved game mechanics of a classic strategic card game with the groundbreaking NFT elements, building a bridge between traditional gaming and blockchain technologies.


The project is developed by PrimeBit Games, an experienced team with an extensive portfolio of a wide range of games with 5+ million total downloads. The team is backed up by an extensive list of gaming industry advisors working with the AAA projects. This strong combination enables the team to deliver the best features to the players, making The Legends of Elysium both playable and profitable.


The Legends of Elysium offers several game modes for every player to find their unique gaming path. Compete and earn in the “League” mode, hone your skills and explore Elysium in the “Adventure” mode, compete with your friends or unite with your fellow guild members, or show off your skills in the “Tournament” mode with grand prizes. As in the real battlefield, every player has their own mission in The Legends of Elysium.


Players enter the battle with their own heroes: you are free to choose the class and the race of the hero to match your playing style. Advance your hero to level 2 to mint them in the full-fledged NFT. Cards become your ammunition in The Legends of Elysium: receive additional cards in the battles, “Adventure” mode, craft them in the forge, or purchase them to build the most incredible card deck.


The Beta version of the game is scheduled to be released in Q4 2022, so it’s the best time to get to know the project more and prepare to enter the battles.


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