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Oort Digital



Oort Digital aims to build a super account for NFTs to be played out in a variety of ways with seamless user experience in mind. Their  goal is to add the DeFi layer on top of the whole Metaverse. This partnership exposes Legend of Elysium NFT to gain additional utility in the Oort rental marketplace.

Oort is an NFT Layer 0 platform that enables communities and projects to add utility and functionality to their NFT collections. Oort Digital recognizes the illiquid and fundamentally void nature of most non-fungible assets (or NFTs). They are committed to bridging the financial gap that creators and collectors face on almost every project. Oort Digital’s NFT Rental Marketplace allows holders/collectors to lend out their idle NFTs for interest, which makes the borrowers easier to get into the game to play to earn. What’s more, both lenders and borrowers have a chance to earn extra rewards.


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