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“Settlers of Catan” and “Magic the Gathering” Combined


Legends of Elysium: A Unique Blend of Strategy and Collectibles


“Legends of Elysium” is a game that has recently caught the attention of many gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike. This browser-based game combines elements of popular strategy games like “Settlers of Catan” and “Magic the Gathering” with the exciting world of NFTs and blockchain technology. This review will delve into the game’s mechanics, gameplay, and potential as a play-to-earn platform.


Gameplay and Mechanics


“Legends of Elysium” is a collectible trading card game that offers high-quality art and unique gameplay. The game involves owning and collecting creatures, trading, and placing specific types of creatures on different hexagonal maps. The gameplay is unique and draws players in, providing a fun and engaging experience. The game requires strategic thinking and planning, as players need to control different types of terrain, such as mountains and forests, to gain an advantage. The game also allows players to cast their cards and control where they go, adding an element of board control to the gameplay. However, the game can be challenging, especially when you find yourself in a defenseless position or unable to summon anything due to lack of land on the board.


Blockchain Integration and Play-and-Earn Model


What sets “Legends of Elysium” apart from other games is its integration with blockchain technology. The game is built on the Polygon blockchain and will have cross-chain functionality. It also adopts a play-to-earn model with a tokenomic structure, allowing players to earn on the platform. Players can use tokens for various purposes in the game, such as purchasing packs and boards, increasing hero levels, and for governance and marketplace currency. The game also allows players to mint assets. Moreover, the game features NFTs, which players can trade on the marketplace. This opens up the potential for players to sell unwanted cards for profit.


Future Prospects


“Legends of Elysium” is currently in alpha but will have an open beta in Autum 2023. Genesis sale is an excellent opportunity for early adopters. The game also has been invited ( one of 6 projects) to an event at the end of the second quarter with BNB Chain, in July 2023  The game also has a feature called “airdrop” in Discord that allows users to complete tasks. This could be a fun and engaging way for players to earn rewards and interact with the community.




Overall, “Legends of Elysium” offers a unique and engaging gaming experience. The combination of strategy gameplay, collectible elements, and blockchain integration makes it a game worth checking out. The play-to-earn model and the potential for earning opportunities also add to its appeal. However, like any game, “Legends of Elysium” is not without its challenges. The game can be frustrating at times, especially when you find yourself in a defenseless position or unable to summon anything due to lack of land on the board. But with strategic thinking and planning, these challenges can be overcome. In conclusion, “Legends of Elysium” is a promising game that offers a unique blend of strategy and collectibles. Whether you’re a fan of strategy games, interested in NFTs, or looking for a play-to-earn platform, “Legends of Elysium” is worth checking out.

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