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October 2023

October 2023 - Legends of Elysium Monthly update. We are pleased to announce that our web2 partner G2A enters into the web3 world via the Geekverse platform.


We are pleased to announce that our web2 partner G2A enters into the web3 world via the Geekverse platform. LOE has been invited as a selected project and our exposition allows the introduction of the game to a broader audience. G2A has fantastic plans and we cannot wait for them to unveil.


Moreover, our presence at Poznan Game Arena has given us another confirmation that we have created something outstanding. Players from a wide spectrum of interests have enjoyed live games during the event. Their opinion was mind-blowing. With this boost of energy, information and feedback gathered we pass it to the dev team for implementation and improvements of the current Alpha version.


LOE dev team have again raised standards and in the middle of October, we have updated the game to Alpha v0.006a. We are eager for your feedback.


Play Legends of Elysium


The end of this year is marked by a multitude of awards contests. LOE is a participant in the GAM3S.GG (also known as Polkastarter Gaming) Game Awards.

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‘Legends of Elysium’ activities in October 2023:

2023–10–01 — Official partnership with G2A Geekverse

2023–10–06 — LOE team at Poznan Game Arena event

2023–10–09 — Integration at has been completed

2023–10–18 — Product update — enjoy LOE v0.006a

2023–10–25 — Halloween Giveaway contest

2023–10–26 — 2023 awards — clock is ticking


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Take care folks and see you next time!

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