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February 2022



Dear Elysians,


Our blockchain developers have finished the Alpha version of our Treasury Smart Contract and begin to test and improve it. Now they fully realize how complex this beast is and they are up for the challenge. We are pleased by their progress supervised by Eryk and Marcin .
A Dark Elf called ….. joined the Legends of Elysium family and became our mascot. Her name has been chosen with the help of our amazing community. A ruffle will be announced and a few lucky Elysians who made the effort and participated in the competition will receive the NFT with Elya. First snapshot of our Twitter supporters was taken in February, there will be more snapshots coming in the future – thank you for your continuous support.


New graphic designer has joined the LOE team, which brings their number to 7. You can check out some of their works on the LOE twitter account. If you like the artwork please do not hesitate to support it by like and retweet. Your support will not be forgotten. 


We have joined the Blockchain Game Alliance, which is putting Legends of Elysium on the sweet spot of the recognised gaming projects in crypto space. We are working hard to deliver entertaining game to the players around the world and increase blockchain adoption among the gaming community. 


‘Legends of Elysium’ activities in February 2022: 


02-02-2022 – Official sticker set realized 

03-02-2022 – Strategic Partnership with Ari10 – support legal matters for LOE.

07-02-2022 – LOE mascot name contest announcement 

09-02-2022 – Introduction of Baros – his story is yet to be told

14-02-2022 – Advisory Announcement – Patryk Push

17-02-2022 – Blockchain Game Alliance membership announcement

19-02-2022 – Cryptoverse Expo – LOE at the finest  

22-02-2022 – Advisory Announcement – Artur Pszczółkowski

28-02-2022 – My name is ELYA – Mascot name announcements


Follow us on Twitter to get the most updated information.


Take care folks and see you next time!

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