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April 2023

Legends of Elysium Trading Card Game


Dear Elysians,


Phase 2 of Educational Campaign on Zealy is ongoing. $150,000 in LOE token ( 3,000,000 LOE) is for grabs. Join if you are not yet there on Zealy (old Crew 3) 


Educational Airdrop Campaign:


On April 12th we launched Phase 2 of an Educational Airdrop campaign. Huge success to date. We are promoting a Phygital trend, physical items linked with digital benefits. You can read more on this subject in our medium –


Remember Phase 2 will be rewarded with 3,000,000 LOE tokens to those who meet criteria. Make sure you follow our twitter to receive the most up to date information.


NFT Genesis Sale:


This will be the culmination of our educational campaign, stay tuned, be active on LOE Zealy, join AMA, there are still several WL left for grabs. Rest will battle in the gas war in FCFS round.







Morfyus League – great Gaming Guild, which is lucky to join Legends of Elysium. They will provide the gaming players and take part in future expansion into gaming Guild Wars. .


SKALE – as mentioned a few times LOE is to be crosschain. We are starting by adding SKALE Network. SKALE is a network of interconnected EVM blockchains built to bring speed & security to a universe of UX-friendly dApps. 


Tokenomia Pro – well thought economy prepared in house needs verification. Tokenomia Pro is here to help us with this task. We will keep you updated with progress and making sure adjustments are to be minimal. 


Elysian, if you want to become an investor => Fill this FORM


‘Legends of Elysium’ activities in April 2023: 


2023-04-03 – an official partnership with Morfyus League

2023-04-04 – listing LOE on gaming platform Owned Platform

2023-04-06 – completion of Phase 1 of Edu Airdrop Campaign 

2023-04-07 – GameSwift tests of Alpha version

2023-04-11 – an official partnership with SKALE

2023-04-12 – start of Phase 2 of Educational Airdrop Campaign 

2023-04-14 – AMA with MILC Platform

2023-04-18 – NFT Genesis Sale reminder 

2023-04-21 – DAO Maker – community vote announcement

2023-04-26 – AMA with Ari10 

2023-04-27 – Torg Whitehand in woods

2023-04-27 – an official partnership with Tokenomia Pro 

2023-04-28 – Ultra Games contest winner announcement


Follow us on Twitter to get the most updated information.


Take care folks and see you next time!

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