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Throg Axethrower

Throg Axethrower

Introducing “Throg Axethrower,” a distinguished character from the enthralling Legends of Elysium (LoE), an online card game that brings together the most valiant warriors from diverse races to battle it out in a richly woven universe. Throg Axethrower emerges from the formidable Orc race, known for their unparalleled strength and ferocity in battle. Vividly representing his kin, Throg is a rare unit that graces your deck with formidable prowess and strategic depth.

As a unit card, Throg Axethrower is priced modestly at a cost of 3, designed to tactically fit into your early to mid-game maneuvers without straining your resources. Though his Attack attribute may initially appear humble at 1, it is his unique skill set and durability, represented by a Health attribute of 3, that make him a threat to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Distinguished by his skill as a Ranged combatant, Throg can unleash devastating attacks on enemy units within a generous radius of 4 hexes, providing you with the strategic advantage of engaging foes from a distance. This ability not only allows him to press the attack without entering the direct line of fire but also complements various battle strategies whether you’re looking to weaken the enemy forces or strategically eliminate key threats from a safe distance.

Beyond his Ranged skill, Throg’s potential for synergy with other cards and triggers within your deck opens up a myriad of strategic possibilities. His capacity for interacting with the dynamic elements of the Legends of Elysium universe, from engaging with spell casts to responding to the shifting tides of battle during Sunrise or Nightfall phases, makes him a versatile and valuable asset in any player’s deck.

Hailing from the rugged and unforgiving Aemerath Mountains, the Orcs’ narrative is one of resilience, strength, and sometimes, unpredictability. Throg carries this heritage with pride. His skin, green and tough as armor, bears the marks of countless battles, and his protruding tusks serve as a grim reminder of the Orcs’ fierceness in face-to-face combat.

In the grand tapestry of LoE, where the forces of Chaos, Light, and Magic interweave to shape the destiny of Elysium, Throg Axethrower stands as a testament to the Orc race’s indomitable spirit. Whether you’re drawn to his strategic value on the battlefield or captivated by the rich lore of the Orcs, Throg Axethrower is a character that embodies the intrigue and complexity of the Legends of Elysium game. Join him on the battlefield and carve your path to glory in the ever-evolving saga of Elysium.

Race: Orc
Card type: Unit
Rarity: Rare
Cost: 3
Attack: 1
Health: 3
Skill: Ranged.
Mountain: 3
Farmland: 1

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