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Ironhammer Guard

Ironhammer Guard

Amidst the intricate lore and Legends of Elysium, a name that bespeaks courage and unyielding strength emerges – the Ironhammer Guard. Born from the rich tapestry of orc history, this common unit card is a testament to the resilience and temerity of the orc race. With a cost of 3, an attack power of 4, and a health of 3, this orc warrior stands ready to embody the fierce combat style that orcs are celebrated for.

The story of the Orcs, inhabitants of the formidable Aemerath Mountains, is one of valiance, fierce battles, and an unbreakable spirit. Their skin, greenish and tough as armor, marks them as formidable opponents on any battlefield. The Ironhammer Guard, with its imposing figure and tusks that instill terror in the hearts of enemies, is no exception. Just like its kin, this guard has been sculpted by the harsh, unforgiving conditions of the orcish homelands, making it not just a unit but a symbol of orcish endurance and might.

The Legends of Elysium game, an online card game, is not just about depicting battles but also about narrating the saga of different races, including the Orcs—a race known for its impulsiveness and the unpredictability of its warriors. The Ironhammer Guard carries this legacy forward. Whether it is the tumultuous events that followed Chaos’s intervention in Elysium or the discord sown by the pursuit of Elytronite shards, the orc race has always stood indomitable, facing each challenge head-on.

The Ironhammer Guard is not merely a unit; it’s a story. A story etched in the annals of Elysium’s history, marked by the valor and tumultuous legacy of the orc race. It represents not just the might of a single orc but the unyielding resolve of an entire race that has withstood the tests of time, elemental chaos, and the quest for identity and glory amidst the splendid yet conflicted world of Elysium.

Encounter the Ironhammer Guard in the Legends of Elysium and let it lead your orcish contingent to glory, as you delve deeper into the lore, battles, and stories of Elysium—a world where every card tells a story, and every play could be a legend in the making.

Race: Orc
Card type: Unit
Rarity: Common
Cost: 3
Attack: 4
Health: 3
Mountain: 3
Farmland: 1

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