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Dive into the mystical world of “Legends of Elysium” and meet one of its most formidable units, Vorguar. Hailing from the mighty race of Orcs, this Legendary unit stands tall in the heart of battle, encapsulating both the resilience and fierce spirit of his people. With a Cost of 7, an Attack of 5, and an impressive Health of 7, Vorguar is not merely a card you play; he’s a statement on the battlefield.

Vorguar possesses a unique skill, “Awakening,” which allows him to gain +1 attack for every unit present on the battlefield. This skill exemplifies the Orcish trait of thriving amidst the chaos of war, making him exponentially more dangerous as the skirmish swells. This legendary Orc unit embodies the tumultuous history of the Orc race, rooted in the rich lore of Elysium, a world born out of the divine intervention of Chaos, Light, and Magic.

Orcs, known for their fearless prowess in battle and their adaptation to the harsh terrains of the inaccessible Aemerath Mountains, imbue every card like Vorguar with a sense of history and depth unparalleled in other realms. As Elysium flourished, so did the races within it, each carving out their domain, with Orcs claiming the northern mountainous terrains as their home.

Vorguar is not just an asset in your deck; he’s a carrier of the Orcish legacy of power, tenacity, and the indomitable will to thrive in face of adversity. His presence in your arsenal is a nod to the intricate tale of Elysium, where each race strives for dominance, not just on the strength of their might but the depth of their lore and spirit.

So, whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the “Legends of Elysium,” Vorguar is a testament to the game’s rich, complex world-building and the vigorous battles that lie at its core. Deploying him is akin to unleashing a piece of Elysium’s tumultuous history, ready to echo the battle cries of the ancients and carve new legends of victory.

Race: Orc
Card type: Unit
Rarity: Legendary
Cost: 7
Attack: 5
Health: 7
Skill: Awakening: Get +1 attack for every unit on the battlefield
Forest: 1
Mountain: 6

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