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Vicious Crystalhorn

Vicious Crystalhorn

Amid the relentless conflict and burgeoning chaos in the rich lore of Legends of Elysium, a new combatant emerges on the field of battle – Vicious Crystalhorn. A member of the Entropy race, whose origins are as ancient as the universe itself, this unit card combines the chaotic essence with the discipline of a military private. A common rarity card that holds untold potential, it challenges players to unlock its true power on the battlefield.

With a cost of 7 to deploy Vicious Crystalhorn, this unit demands a significant investment of resources, which is balanced by its potent combination of attack and health stats – 4 and 7, respectively. These attributes make it a formidable presence on the field, capable of surviving numerous engagements and dealing decent damage to adversaries.

However, it’s the “Flying” skill that truly sets Vicious Crystalhorn apart. This ability allows it to maneuver over other units and move by 2 hexes, offering unparalleled mobility that can change the tide of battle. Whether you’re looking to outflank the enemy, capture critical locations, or evade dangerous threats, Vicious Crystalhorn offers the strategic flexibility to achieve your objectives.

Vicious Crystalhorn hails from a universe conceived in the triad of Chaos, Light, and Magic – forces that once sought harmony but learned the value of their differences through the creation of Elysium. As a representation of Chaos, Vicious Crystalhorn embodies the unpredictable nature of battles in Legends of Elysium. Its origin ties deeply into the lore of the game, where the entwined fates of races and individuals unfold on a cosmic scale.

For players, Vicious Crystalhorn represents an opportunity to harness the raw energy of the universe. Whether used in straightforward assaults, cunning strategies, or as a guardian of key objectives, this unit challenges players to think beyond conventional tactics. Its common rarity ensures that it remains accessible to a wide array of players, inviting them to explore the depth of its abilities and integrate it into diverse decks.

In Legends of Elysium, every card tells a story, and every battle writes a new chapter in the eternal saga of Chaos, Light, and Magic. As players wield the power of units like Vicious Crystalhorn, they become contributors to this ever-evolving narrative, shaping the destiny of Elysium with every move they make.

Join the adventure and test your mettle against the forces that shape the universe. Will the strategic employment of Vicious Crystalhorn lead you to victory, or will you need to dive deeper into the arcane lore of Elysium to emerge triumphantly? The fate of Elysium is in your hands.

Race: Entropy
Card type: Unit
Rarity: Common
Cost: 7
Attack: 4
Health: 7
Skill: Flying.
Neutral: 7

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