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**Orcling – The Tiny Warrior with a Giant Heart**

Get ready to dive into the immersive world of Legends of Elysium (LoE) and meet one of the most courageous units you can add to your army: Orcling. Don’t let his common rarity fool you; this Orc unit may seem small in stature, but he packs a punch and is ready to stand tall against any challenge that comes his way.

– **Cost:** 1
– **Attack:** 1
– **Health:** 1

**Character Overview:**

Hailing from the fierce and fearless Orc race, the Orcling is your first step into the world of Elysium’s battle-hardened warriors. Born in the heart of the mighty Aemerath Mountains, his resilience and bravery are unmatched for a warrior of his size. The Orcling’s greenish skin is not just a signature of his race, but a testament to the natural armor that makes Orcs legendary on the battlefield. With tusks that are already starting to protrude, he’s a clear signal of the terror and might he will grow into.

**Why should you be interested in Orcling?**
– **Low Cost, High Potential:** Being a unit that only costs 1 to deploy, Orcling allows you to swiftly start your conquest in the early game. His balanced attack and health stats make him a versatile soldier ready to face off against initial challenges.
– **The Heart of an Orc:** Inspired by the tumultuous history of his race, from civil wars to battles of redemption and betrayal, the spirit of the Orcling is unbreakable. He embodies the essence of the Orcs: fearless warriors who thrive in the harshest conditions and always come out stronger.
– **A Catalyst for Strategy:** Including Orcling in your deck opens up myriad strategic possibilities. Use him to bolster your frontlines early on, save resources for more potent forces down the line, or synergize with other cards to unleash the true mayhem of the Orcish horde.

**Main Story Tie-in:**

As Elysium was thrown into chaos with the arrival of the Undead, led by Chaos’s machinations, the Orcs found themselves needing every able body to defend their lands and honor. Orcling, though but a young warrior, stands ready. His inception is a result of not only the magical and chaotic forces that have sculpted Elysium but also of the Orcs’ resilience and adaptability to stand firm amidst adversities.

**Lore Connection:**

Orcling represents the early stages of life in Elysium shaped by Chaos’s intervention – a life marked by unpredictability and diversity. He is a testament that imperfections and small beginnings can lead to great ends. In the grand narrative of Elysium, every character, no matter how small or common, has a role to play in the ever-unfolding drama between Magic, Light, and Chaos.

**Why Play Orcling?**

Playing with Orcling isn’t just about deploying a unit; it’s about embracing the spirit of Elysium itself. The courage to fight for what’s right, the strength to stand against imposing odds, and the resolve to never back down. Step into the world of LoE, where even the smallest warrior can change the tide of battle and write their legend amidst the stars.

Invite Orcling into your deck and let his heart and spear lead you to victory. In the Legends of Elysium, every character has a story, and every player has the power to shape how it unfolds. Will you rise to the challenge?

Race: Orc
Card type: Unit
Rarity: Common
Cost: 1
Attack: 1
Health: 1
Mountain: 1

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