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Crimson Knight

Crimson Knight

Introducing the enigmatic and valorous hero from the mesmerizing universe of *Legends of Elysium* – **Crimson Knight**. Born from the rich tapestry of LoE’s lore, where chaos and harmony trail-blaze the path of existence, the Crimson Knight emerges as a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity amidst the backdrop of an epic saga.

**Race**: Human
**Type**: Unit
**Rarity**: Epic

**Cost**: 8
**Attack**: 4
**Health**: 8

**Skill**: Armor 1 – A stoic guardian on the battlefield, the Crimson Knight is not only a formidable force but a tactician’s blade, slashing through the cost of deployment for every enemy that dares to stand on the battlefield. The more foes it faces, the less it demands to be brought into the fray, embodying the true essence of valor and sacrifice in the heat of combat.

Attributes scale with a system foundation of LoE, ranging from 0 to 10, where the Crimson Knight not only stands as a bastion of strength but as a paragon of resilience and strategic acumen. Standing tall with an attack rating that commands respect and a health pool that underscores its endurance, this epic character is more than a mere unit; it’s a catalyst for turning the tides of war.

Wrapped in a cloak of mystery and allure, the Crimson Knight beckons players into the world of *Legends of Elysium*, inviting them to dive into the riveting depth of its lore – where every card and character carries the echo of a thousand stories, and every move on the battlefield is a step in the eternal dance of Chaos, Light, and Magic.

With Armor 1, the Crimson Knight isn’t merely a fighter; it’s an unyielding force, reducing incoming damage and standing its ground when others falter. A sculptor of the battlefield, its very presence reshapes the dynamics of conflict, encouraging strategies that leverage enemy numbers to its advantage.

Dare to command the indomitable spirit of the Crimson Knight. Marshal your forces, cast your units, and delve into the heart of Elysium. Here, in the arena of the *Legends of Elysium*, every card holds the key to victory, every turn a fate to be decided, and the Crimson Knight, a legend waiting to be conquered or to conquer. Will you rise to the challenge?

Race: Human
Card type: Unit
Rarity: Epic
Cost: 8
Attack: 4
Health: 8
Skill: Armor 1. This unit costs 1 less for each enemy unit on the battlefield.
Farmland: 5

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