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Introduce yourself to the battlefield of “Legends of Elysium” with the rare and formidable spell card “Bloodcurse.” Born from the tumultuous history of the orc clans and the chaotic essence of the universe, this card embodies the spirit of vengeance and dark magic that has penetrated the lands of Elysium after the intervention of Chaos himself.

**Character Attributes:**
– **Race:** Orc
– **Card Type:** Spell
– **Rarity:** Rare
– **Cost:** 6
– **Health:** 6
– **Card Skill:** Deals 1 damage to all opponents each turn

In the heart of conflict, where the orcs have proven themselves as fearless warriors and survivors of the harsh conditions of the Aemerath Mountains, “Bloodcurse” emerges as a powerful ally. This card does not merely play a role in the physical realm; it extends its reach into the metaphysical, channeling the malevolent energies that have seeped into Elysium to afflict your opponents with relentless damage every turn.

While it cannot move across the hexes of the battlefield or employ physical attacks as its brethren might, “Bloodcurse” stands as a testament to the orc’s adaptability and their indomitable will to dominate. Every ounce of its being is dedicated to weakening the enemy, an embodiment of the pain and rejection felt by Chaos and mirrored in the orcs’ tumultuous history.

Its cost, reflective of its power, ensures that invoking “Bloodcurse” is a decision not made lightly. Yet, those who wield this spell card find their enemies quivering under the sustained assault, offering a strategic advantage to turn the tide of battle.

Evoking “Bloodcurse” is not merely summoning a spell but invoking a piece of Elysium’s storied past. It serves as a grim reminder of the Elytronite’s impact and the curse that befell the land, channeling the chaotic energy and bitterness born from rejection and struggle.

In the expansive universe of “Legends of Elysium,” where every card brings its own lore and strategic depth, “Bloodcurse” offers a unique blend of narrative richness and gameplay influence. Allow it to unleash its dark might upon your foes, serving as a beacon of your impending victory and a harbinger of despair for your adversaries. Gather your forces, strategize with the might of the orcs, and lead your deck to glory with “Bloodcurse” as a key piece in your arsenal.

Race: Orc
Card type: Spell
Rarity: Rare
Cost: 6
Health: 6
Skill: All opponents receive 1 damage.
Mountain: 5
Farmland: 1

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