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Arcane Trance

Arcane Trance

Dive into the magical and strategic realms of Legends of Elysium, where tales of courage, magic, and warfare intertwine to form a rich tapestry of adventure. Amid this world of enchanting lore and fierce battles stands a character who embodies the essence of mystical prowess – “Arcane Trance.”

“Arcane Trance” is not just any spell wielder; this character is a testament to the strategic depth and creativity found within the LoE universe. As a common rarity spell card rooted in humanity’s lineage, Arcane Trance brings both versatility and a unique edge to the gameplay. With a modest cost of only 2 MANA, it seamlessly integrates into various deck builds, making it an accessible yet potent choice for players navigating the magical battlegrounds of Elysium.

While Arcane Trance lacks an attack value, an aspect typical for spell cards, it compensates with a health stat of 2, providing a modest resilience on the field. However, the true value of Arcane Trance lies in its extraordinary card skill, which reads, “The next card you draw costs 3 MANA less.” This ability is a game-changer, opening up strategic avenues for players to cast powerful spells or summon formidable creatures earlier than expected, potentially turning the tide of the battle in their favor.

Delve into the diverse and strategic gameplay of Legends of Elysium, where “Arcane Trance” awaits to cast its spell. Whether you’re an adept spellcaster or a tactical mastermind, this character offers a unique blend of strategy and adaptability. Embark on a journey where magic and wisdom are your greatest allies, and discover the boundless possibilities that the captivating world of LoE holds.

Race: Human
Card type: Spell
Rarity: Common
Cost: 2
Health: 2
Skill: The next card you draw costs 3 MANA less.
Forest: 1
Farmland: 1

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